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chef jj

Chef “JJ” Jung

Chef James Jung, aka Chef JJ, is known for his Korean, Japanese, and Peruvian cuisine as well as his passion for using locally grown, farm fresh ingredients. Chef JJ got his start in 2004 when he began working in the kitchen, experimenting with multiple cuisines and styles. He grew to love Japanese fare while working at NOBU in Malibu. It was there he met Chef Akira Back who later asked him to be his Chef De Cuisine at his restaurant, Yellowtail, located in Las Vegas. Chef JJ moved on to be the Chef De Cuisine at the award-winning LA Peruvian outpost, Rosaline by Ricardo Zarate. Over the next few years, JJ drew inspiration from Korean, Peruvian, and Mediterranean flavors, creating a style of food that was just as unique as it was innovative. In 2017, Chef Akira Back introduced JJ to the RMD Group who brought him on as a culinary leader for Lumi. 

Chef JJ has been leading the Lumi team since opening in 2020, serving up his adventurous flavors with Nikkei influences, using local ingredients throughout the menu, and influences from around the world for an immersive dining experience.