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Explore The Menu Of The Hottest New Brunch In Newport Beach

Smoked Salmon bagel at set steak and sushi's brunch in Newport Beach

Prepare to elevate your weekends in Newport Beach to unprecedented levels of culinary delight as SET Steak and Sushi unveils its highly anticipated brunch service! Commencing on March 16th and 17th, and available every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, immerse yourself in an extravagant brunch in Orange County. 

Embark on a culinary journey like no other, where each dish is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and culinary expertise, promising to tantalize even the most discerning palates. From classic brunch favorites with innovative twists to daring creations that push the boundaries of flavor, our menu has been carefully curated to cater to every enthusiast of brunch in Newport Beach. 

Brunch Menu Highlights

Loaded Smoked Salmon Bagel

Indulge in a delightful marriage of whipped cream cheese, tangy red onion, crisp cucumber, briny capers, all atop a freshly baked everything bagel—a brunch classic reimagined. 

Cali Benedict

Experience the sunny California twist on the classic benedict with grilled chicken nestled on a bed of vine-ripened tomato and creamy avocado, crowned with a velvety hollandaise sauce and served with a side of vibrant market greens.

Classic Benedict

Savor the indulgent simplicity of thinly sliced serrano ham atop a perfectly poached egg, bathed in a luscious lemon hollandaise sauce, served with an English muffin and a side of herb-infused potato hash.

Mixed Berry French Toast

Dive into a sumptuous stack of golden French toast, generously topped with a medley of macerated and fresh berries, billowy whipped cream, and drizzled with a luscious blackberry syrup—a sweet symphony on every plate.

Breakfast Burrito

Embark on the ultimate breakfast adventure with crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs, melted queso Oaxaca, crispy fries, creamy guacamole, and zesty salsa verde, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla—a fiesta of flavors in every bite.

Maine Lobster and Chorizo Scramble

Indulge in the rich flavors of butter-poached Maine lobster and spicy Mexican chorizo, perfectly scrambled with roasted peppers, creamy avocado, and served with warm flour tortillas for a brunch delight with a coastal twist. 

Vegan Scramble

Enjoy a plant-based delight with fluffy vegan eggs, roasted potatoes, savory pepper sofrito, and a zesty charred scallion salsa—a flavorful and satisfying option for our vegan brunch enthusiasts.

Steak & Eggs

Sink your teeth into juicy grilled Wagyu skirt steak, accompanied by blistered tomatoes, perfectly cooked over easy eggs, and topped with a zesty huacatay chimichurri sauce, served alongside crispy French fries for the ultimate brunch indulgence.

Brunch at SET Steak and Sushi in Newport Beach isn't just a meal—it's a celebration of indulgence, creativity, and community. Whether you're gathering with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a leisurely weekend meal, join us for a brunch experience that transcends the ordinary.

Discover the ultimate brunch experience at SET Steak and Sushi, where every bite embodies the epitome of culinary excellence. Brunch in Newport Beach just got a whole lot better, and it's all happening at SET Steak and Sushi. Book your brunch experience now and treat yourself to a culinary adventure like no other!