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Behind the Plating: The Artistry of Food Presentation at SET

Artful Presentation at SET Steak and Sushi in Newport Beach

In the realm of culinary excellence in Newport Beach, SET stands as a haven for those seeking not just exceptional flavors but also visual splendor. Discover the meticulous plating and artistry behind SET's dishes that redefine sushi and steakhouse dining.

Crafted Elegance: Bluefin Tuna Pizza

The Bluefin Tuna Pizza is a fusion of culinary art and precision plating. Thin slices of bluefin tuna atop a crispy crust adorned with red onion, shiso leaves, shallots, ponzu aioli, and truffle oil are meticulously arranged, elevating the aesthetics of this Newport Beach delight.

SET Steak and Sushi Newport Beach

Precision and Elegance: 1/2 Peking Duck

Indulge in the artful presentation of the 1/2 Peking Duck. The combination of scallion pancake, negi, pickled cucumbers, and house hoisin is carefully plated, showcasing a harmony of colors and textures that define this culinary masterpiece in Newport Beach.

SET Steak and Sushi Newport Beach

Whole Lobster Tempura

For a truly decadent experience, the Whole Lobster Tempura steals the show. A whole lobster is expertly tempura-fried, resulting in a crispy, golden exterior that envelops succulent, tender lobster meat. It's served with a flavorful garlic ponzu and yuzu kosho aioli, presented within the lobster shell, making it an awe-inspiring sight.

SET Steak and Sushi Newport Beach

Luxurious Sophistication: The Clever Caviar Fox

The opulence of The Clever Caviar Fox is a visual delight. Osetra caviar served with blinis, egg, onion, and everything crème fraîche is elegantly arranged, epitomizing the luxurious dining experience at this sushi and steakhouse in Newport Beach.

a plate of food on a table

Theatrical Display: Baked Scallop Dynamite

Prepare for a sensory journey with the Baked Scallop Dynamite. Delicately baked scallops topped with shrimp, mushrooms, pearl onions, and yuzu kosho aioli are presented theatrically with dry ice, captivating diners at this esteemed Newport Beach venue.

Artful Simplicity: Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Savor the artful simplicity of Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. Thinly sliced beef adorned with mustard seed, parmesan aioli, and chimichurri showcases the balance of flavors and elegant plating at this sushi and steakhouse in Newport Beach.

SET Steak and Sushi Newport Beach

Larger Format Sets: A Feast for the Eyes

At SET, larger format sets are meticulously crafted visual experiences that set new standards in Newport Beach dining.

Sushi Set

The Sushi Set, featuring chef's selection of sashimi, is an artful arrangement highlighting the freshness and vibrant colors of seafood, creating a visual spectacle in Newport Beach.

a glass display case

Steak Set

The Steak Set showcases chef's cuts of the night with precision plating, inviting admiration for the grilling, searing, and presentation techniques, defining the art of steakhouse dining in Newport Beach.

Dessert Symphony: An Artful Finale at SET

In the realm of sweet indulgences, SET continues its mastery of presentation and taste with its exquisite dessert offerings that are as visually captivating as they are delectable.

The Wave

The Wave sweeps you into a world of dessert delight with its pineapple upside-down cake paired elegantly with coconut ice cream, passion fruit sorbet, and a tantalizing drizzle of blue curacao anglaise. Its vivid presentation and harmonious blend of tropical flavors create a mesmerizing dessert experience.

a cake sitting on top of a table

Carrot Cake

Embrace the intricate flavors of SET's Carrot Cake, a spiced chancaca honey cake adorned with brown butter cream cheese frosting and dulce de leche. Accompanied by jasmine tea ice cream and delicate carrot crisps, this dessert creation showcases a symphony of sweet nuances and textures, elevating the dessert journey at SET to new heights.

a piece of cake on a plate

Clique Hospitality: Setting the Visual Standard

As part of Clique Hospitality, SET is a standout venue in Newport Beach known for its commitment to stunning plating. In the heart of this vibrant city, the attention to impeccable presentation sets a new benchmark in sushi and steakhouse dining experiences.

Experience the artistry of food presentation at SET, where every dish is a visual symphony. From meticulously crafted plates to Instagram-worthy marvels, this sushi and steakhouse in Newport Beach redefines dining aesthetics, promising an unforgettable experience that engages both palate and eye.